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Precision Tracking

Let’s face it, efficiency and customer service go hand in hand.

We know our clients want their freight or delivery to arrive safely and on time, and they want access to real-time information regarding where their cargo is in North America. At Pure Freight Lines, we’re aware of the importance of customer service and retaining you as our client, that’s why we incorporate technology products and wireless services that allow for 24/7 satellite tracking of trucks and trailers. Premium efficiency and crystal-clear transparency for your peace of mind.


Your business challenges are unique, so a one-size-fits-all solution for your supply chain isn’t optimal. No one knows your business better than you. You want your company to become even more successful, and so do we.Pure Freight Lines can help you by doing what we do best and enabling you to do the same. Using our smart team, proven lean processes, and robust technologies to engineer an effective lean supply chain solution just for you, we make your job easier. In short, with your talented people and then develops and executes solutions tailored for your specific business requirements.


No one likes talking to machines.

In this age of technology and impersonalization, one of the number one complaints by customers is still not being able to speak to a real person about their transportation needs or their company’s logistics.

It’s very simple.

If you call Pure Freight Lines, a real-life human will address all of your inquiries.


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