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Intermodal means pure versatility – anticipating that extra mile and adapting to it. An intermodal container’s journey harnesses the global reach of vessels, the speed and efficiency of trains and the on-the-road precise locality of trucking. At Pure Freight Lines, we offer one container with three different modes of transportation.


At Pure Freight Lines, we understand there’s no margin for error when using Refrigerated Trucking in shipping your commodities – whether they are frozen, chilled or simply temperature controlled. We supply state-of-the-art Refrigerated Trucking trailers with experts in the field to provide you with the most reliable Refrigerated Trucking services available today.


Pure Freight Lines offers dedicated trucking services all over the country to increase delivery efficiency, manage your business logistics and provide you with unparalleled personal, on-site service. We provide you with daily, hands-on access to your trucking division so that together, we can adjust to your needs.

Expedited Team

No matter how well you plan or how sophisticated your operations are, delays can happen. Pure Freight Lines offers reliable service with GPS tracking. Sometimes rail gets the job done, but when you need more speed, control and visibility, call Pure Freight Lines.

Dry Van

Dry van shipping is our most common method for transporting freight across interstates. A dry van is a standard trailer that does not need to be temperature-controlled and is designed to carry freight that is loaded on pallets, packed in boxes, or otherwise secured within the trailer.


When it comes to over-the-road shipping, our team at Pure Freight Lines understands that you want it to be as simple as possible. You want to get your shipments from Point A to Point B, at the least possible cost, without sacrificing service. Meeting your delivery window is our priority.


We deliver imports to exports, all for our exacting clients demands, we can do the same for you too!

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Precision Tracking

Let’s face it, efficiency and customer service go hand in hand. We know our clients want their freight or delivery to arrive safely and on time, and they want access to real-time information regarding where their cargo is in North America.

At Pure Freight Lines, we’re aware of the importance of customer service and retaining you as our client, that’s why we incorporate technology products and wireless services that allow for 24/7 satellite tracking of trucks and trailers. Premium efficiency and crystal-clear transparency for your peace of mind.

Exacting Solutions

Your business challenges are unique, so a one-size-fits-all solution for your supply chain isn’t optimal. No one knows your business better than you. You want your company to become even more successful, and so do we.

Pure Freight Lines can help you by doing what we do best and enabling you to do the same. Using our smart team, proven lean processes, and robust technologies to engineer an effective lean supply chain solution just for you, we make your job easier. In short, with your talented people and then develops and executes solutions tailored for your specific business requirements.

Personable Customer Service

No one likes talking to machines. In this age of technology and impersonalization, one of the number one complaints by customers is still not being able to speak to a real person about their transportation needs or their company’s logistics.

It’s very simple. If you call Pure Freight Lines, a real-life human will address all of your inquiries.


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Client Testimonials

Our clients love the work we do!

It has been my pleasure to work with Pure Freight Lines over the last few years. During our relationship, I have never doubted anything less than outstanding service when sending them over a load. Their on-time delivery percentage is through the roof, their customer service is outstanding and their knowledge of the industry is abundant. I would recommend them to any colleague of mine without hesitation. These guys simply know how to get it done!

Daniel Parks (XPO Logistics Inc.) - Carrier Procurement Team Lead

I have had the pleasure of working with Pure Freight Lines for 2 years now. Having dispatchers and managers in our industry that understand market fluctuations and the importance of relationships is rare to find, but that is exactly what I have had the pleasure of experiencing with PFL in working with them day-to-day. Up to the minute tracking, intelligent quoting and customer service that aims to build bonds is what they strive to do and have done so in my opinion. Thank you to the whole PFL team and I look forward to working with you more.

Dragan Milic (C.H. Robinson) - Carrier Representative/Capacity Buyer

I’ve been working with Pure Freight Lines for 2 years. Whether it’s pre-booking a load or booking a load the same day, Pure Freight Lines is always able to get me a good rate and do a good job. Their service is impeccable. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to move freight.

Steven Payne (Schneider Logistics, Midwest Logistics Center) - Carrier Sales Executive


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