Need a crucial top-priority solution? Pure Freight Lines Ltd. is the right choice!

Our experience in handling time-sensitive door to door deliveries for leading companies gives us the confidence to offer secured and reliable expedited truckload solutions in the US

Expedite and/or HIGH VALUE / HIGH-RISK Shipping:

A Reliable Solution for Business-Critical Freight

No matter your urgent shipping needs, our expedite transportation division is the solution. 24/7/365 Pure Freight Lines Ltd. is your first call!

Why Expedite?

Expedite is standard in industries such as the automotive, manufacturing, and life sciences industries where time-sensitive shipments are a must!


  • 24/7/365 Track & Trace Customer Service Department
  • Controlled routing
  • Pickup & delivery standards – inspection photos at origin and destination
  • 1 million cargo insurance coverage – Higher levels of insurance coverage possible, as required by the customer
  • Contact with the driver every two hours throughout transit and notification of any stops
  • GPS tracking, including nights and weekends
  • Team drivers for trips further than 500 miles
  • No unauthorized stops or route variations
  • Escort services, if required.

Have an Expedited and/or High Value/High-Risk Shipment?

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